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Knowledgeable Legal Representation For Custody And Parenting Time

Custody and parenting time issues are definitively two of the most difficult aspects of family law. Protecting a child’s emotional health and well-being by implementing joint custody and equalized parenting time is vital when it is possible.

If a child has two loving and stable parents, we can improve emotional ties, reduce custody litigation, and make separation more tolerable for everyone by prioritizing co-parenting and educating parents on how to raise a healthy child together even while divorced.

With that, we know that children are vulnerable people who need protection. Sometimes, separating a child from one parent is necessary to shield them from neglect, abuse, or emotional trauma. Addressing these issues through the legal process takes a strong advocate who will pursue the right result for the child.

Protecting The Best Interests Of Children Comes First

Protecting children from harm is always our first priority, immediately followed by preserving healthy parental relationships whenever it is safe and beneficial for the child and family to do so.

At Cheltenham Law, PLLC, we know the evidentiary standard in Michigan state laws necessary to make a change in types of custody or parenting time. We understand how to present a case and its evidence to the Court so it can make the proper decision for the best interest of the child. Retaining Cheltenham Law, PLLC, means retaining an attorney who will pursue your rights as a parent in the courtroom without hesitation and obtain the most favorable result for your case.

We Do Not “Win” Children

When working through a custody case it is important to understand the underlying needs of children and the desires of the parent. Psychologists agree that creating a balanced parenting time schedule can significantly reduce emotional trauma in children when parents split. With that, we fully understand that there are times when parents equally sharing custody and parenting time are not in the best interests of a child. We have great success in providing the evidence necessary to change custody and/or parenting time under those circumstances where children are at risk.

In most situations, the child prefers to stay with both parents, and always has a right to access to both parents equally. Hiring counsel that will stand up and fight for your rights as a parent to have equal time, as opposed to settling for the minimum, is key to a successful outcome for the entire family.

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