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3 ways to strengthen your prenuptial agreement

On Behalf of | May 1, 2024 | Prenuptial Agreements

While weddings can be a fun and celebratory experience, entering into a prenuptial agreement before saying “I do” can feel unromantic and off-putting. Instead of seeing it as a roadblock to your happily ever after, consider it a step toward being smart about your and your partner’s finances.

Prenups can be a game-changer

Research shows that marital conflict at home stems from unresolved financial issues. Both partners can openly discuss assets, debts, incomes and spending habits with a prenup. This goes beyond listing numbers and should extend to discussing financial goals, expectations for joint finances and how you want to manage your finances moving forward.

Strengthening your prenup agreement

An effective prenup not only protects each party’s assets but also aims for fairness and must consider the needs and goals of both individuals.

  • Be honest: Both partners should fully disclose their financial situation, including assets, debts and income. Transparency builds trust and establishes a good foundation for the prenup.
  • Focus on security: Create your prenup to build financial security and stability – and not just as a safety net in case of a divorce. It demonstrates your commitment to a long-term, healthy relationship with your partner.
  • Amendable prenup: Life is full of surprises. Consider including clauses that address potential changes, like inheritances, children or career shifts. This ensures the prenup remains adjustable and reflects your evolving life together.

Establishing a positive outlook

A prenup is a way to build a stable and happy future, not a pessimistic prediction of divorce. This collaborative approach fosters trust, reduces future conflict and allows couples to focus on the true essence of marriage, which is building a fulfilling life together.